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I know this is super last minute, but

Serious time here, my friend Britta and her running club are looking for a friend of theirs, RON KIRK, who when missing on 1/17/2012 in the Calico Basin. Tomorrow, 1/27/2012, a search party will be going out and looking for him. I posted the information from Britta’s site ( about the search at the bottom here. So If you are in/around Las Vegas and looking for a meaningful way to spend your spare time please do come and help out.

Friday Search Info:

0800 show, leave between 0800 and 0830.

Meet at “base camp”: Calico Basin dirt parking lot before the Red Rock Conservation Area entrance. Turn at Calico Basin road, Drive ALL the way (don’t go into Red Springs) to the end of the residential area and you will see the cars and people.

Water, snacks
Flashlight (you never know)
Radios if you have them (might be helpful for base camp comm.)
Proper attire and gear for terrain and weather conditions
A pen to mark your map (we will have some maps at base camp).

-Groups of 2 or 3…NO solo searchers.
-Back in by 1530 (3:30pm)…no searching after sunset.
-Find out where we HAVEN’T searched yet before you go…try to keep the search efficient.
-CHECK IN at the roster before you start searching, and then…
-CHECK OUT when you leave!!! Or we will blow up your phone with calls/texts and then call the police.

Thanks again to everyone that’s helping with searching, providing food/beverages, donating time and money, giving rides, giving crash space, spreading the word, passing info, and even just offering up thoughts and prayers. YOU ARE ALL HELPING IMMENSELY!!!

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